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Bridging the digital divide between business and technology!

Combler l'écart entre les entreprises et la technologie

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The one stop shop for your ICT business solutions

Le guichet unique pour vos solutions informatiques

Iceware Solutions is your modern day digital partner that uses cutting edge technologies to deliver cost effective, quality and tailor-made solutions to your business to give you a digital advantage and optimise your business processes.

Iceware Solutions est votre partenaire numérique moderne qui utilise des technologies de pointe pour fournir à votre entreprise des solutions rentables, de qualité et sur mesure, vous offrant ainsi un avantage numérique et optimisant vos processus métier.

Not your regular white collar, suit and tie boardroom-type company

We are a group of experts with years of experience in various professional and corporate settings, with exposure to business and market realities on the ground, and a passion for technology. We help businesses reap the most out of their investments by implementing ICT solutions to achieve business objectives.

We speak the language you understand: “What can Iceware Solutions do for me?”

Nous ne sommes pas une entreprise à cols blancs habituelle

Nous avons pour but d’aider les entreprises à tirer le meilleur parti de leurs investissements en mettant en œuvre des solutions numériques sur mesure afin d’atteindre leurs objectifs commerciaux. Nous mettons à votre disposition des prestations qui couvrent toutes les étapes de l’élaboration d’une solution efficace.

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More than just a team

At Iceware Solutions, we are not just a team; we are a family.

We share the same passion and vision, and we use the best tools, resources and approach in delivering solutions to our customers. We form local and foreign partnerships  to deliver cost effective and customer-centric solutions.

All our team members have a PHD – Passion, Honesty, Dedication.

Do you think you have what it takes to work for/with us? If yes, then contact us.



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