IT Consulting

IT Consultancy

Our IT consulting services are geared towards helping business organisations implement the best Information Technology practices to improve efficiency and achieve business objectives. With our industry expertise, we utilise people, technology and processes to provide industry standard solutions and propose best practices for your business. We operate in both advisory and implementation capacity and work with necessary partners/stakeholders to help optimise your business processes to achieve your goals.

Our expertise includes (but is not limited) to:

  • Hardware infrastructure (computer systems, servers, printers, network equipment etc.).
  • Software/Enterprise Solutions (business specific software and applications).
  • Networking and telecommunications technology (design and management of corporate data network).
  • Data management technologies (database management, disaster recovery etc.).
  • Corporate security (data and network security, intrusion prevention etc.).
  • IT Service Management.
  • IT Asset management.
  • IT Governance (policies/regulations/guidelines for proper and ethical usage and maintenance of organisation’s IT assets).

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