Mobile and web apps development

Mobile app development

What is the difference between a web application and a mobile app? Basically a web application runs in a web browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari etc.), and requires an active internet connection to function, while a mobile app runs on a mobile device and does not necessarily need an active internet connection to work in some cases.

Not every business requires a web or mobile application, but mobile apps are great tools that could be used to manage business operations from anywhere without being physically present at your business site. You can run your business from the palm of your hand.

Iceware Solutions has developed some very useful mobile apps and continues to work with businesses to propose mobile apps that could be helpful tools in your business, ranging from accounting, sales, marketing, productivity tools etc. Some of these apps are even FREE and can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store depending on you mobile operating system.

Contact us to see what mobile apps you could use to better manage your business.

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